About Us – Background to the Service

With over 12 years of direct experience in providing shared accommodation to an extensive range of individuals, we have established reputation of dealing with clients who have presented with vulnerabilities, including complex and challenging needs. We have earned a reputation amongst our professional peers and partners as being an organisation where our professionalism and integrity can be relied upon.

Our service delivery over the past twelve years has predominately focused upon the provision of accommodation to individuals whom for a range of reasons are facing imminent homelessness. Over that time we provided an informal level of support which has been highly commended by the professionals who have sought out our services. We saw a concerning increase in the number of individuals facing deprivation, and the reasons for this broadening to include people who previously may not have reached such acute levels of crisis.

Horizons North East was established as a Community Interest Company in order that we are now able to provide a much broader and personalised package of bespoke support services at a level more appropriate for the rapidly growing number of increasingly challenging clients who are relying upon services such as this in order to achieve and sustain a positive life path. 

Valuing Opinion And Respecting Choice

We always place significant emphasis on the value of the opinion of the individual. Listening is a integral when liaising with people from different backgrounds, cultures and with varying physical and mental capabilities. Every individual has the right to be heard, be it in regard to personal matters or lack of clarity over legislation or rules. Each person is treated in accordance to their own needs whilst at the same time taking account of their personality and within the parameters of their personal ‘comfort zone’. Everyone’s voice matters at Horizons.

At Horizons we see our clients and our team as assets of our service; everyone has something to bring.

Rights of an individual

Horizons recognise and acknowledge entitlement of basic human rights being an essential but crucial starting point in our bespoke relationship with every individual; in order to assist with personal growth and development on varying levels. The commitments we make will always be integral to our work, and our ongoing relationship with our clients.


Ensuring that our clients feel safe and secure is of the upmost importance at all times. We recognise that having a safe and appropriate home is the starting point for any individual to move forward with other challenges they may be facing in their life. Horizons prioritise the provision of a safe and secure home environment and also remain aware that there should always be someone to liaise with in the event of a problem or concern arising.

We have implemented a range of measures in our properties to ensure that our clients feel secure and also safe in the knowledge that their house is a ‘safe space’ for them and one which can develop into being their home.

Equality in Diversity

Respecting all of the protective factors as defined within the Equality Act is integral to our work. Any behaviour which disrespects this, or inappropriate language or phrasing of an offensive nature, intended or otherwise, will never be accepted or ignored. All individuals are given the opportunity to raise any concerns with a member of staff if they feel their values are being mocked or disregarded in any way.

Independence and Fulfilment

We strive to encourage independence within an individual in every step they take with us. Encouraging good communication skills, the importance of self respect and good moral values pave the way for a person to begin to believe that they themselves are valued and therefore have the confidence to take small steps towards independent lifestyle choices and realising their personal aspirations and abilities. In making better and informed choices self confidence can naturally thrive and aid the individual in making better decisions for themselves. We take pleasure in celebrating successes however small and helping our clients to begin to feel a sense of pride in what they achieve.

Self Care

The ability to take care of oneself is of paramount importance in the journey of self growth and personal development. This could take the form of personal hygiene, dietary and nutritional advice as sexual health and their responsibilities for managing a clean and hygienic living environment for themselves and others. 

At horizons we work with clients to ensure that they understand how to learn and develop the skills of maintaining their own health and well being. 


Many clients enter our service having little personal experience of being able to trust those around them. We recognise that people often need to be coached and guided to learn who and when to trust and importantly when not to trust.

At Horizons we aspire to gain the trust of individuals who access our service. In learning to trust members of the team, it encourages trust amongst their peers and encourages more appropriate and healthy relationships and understanding and developing their own boundaries for the future.