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Horizons North East (Community Interest Company) can provide flexible housing support options  from the point of crisis, through to tenancy sustainment or  longer term support.

We aim to enable the people we support  to lead as fulfilling and independent a life as possible and will  work with the specific needs of each individual.

We can help with:

  • Maintaining a tenancy and keeping independent
  • Working on skills to support  specific needs
  • Managing a household budget & finance
  • Assisting with correspondence
  • Arranging and keeping appointments with professionals involved in the care of each individual
  • Supporting  household tasks like laundry, ironing and cleaning
  • Advice on keeping  safe and secure
  • Shopping and preparing meals on a budget and advice on healthy eating
  • Support with day-to-day routines and prompts for medication or personal hygiene
  •  Coping with a mental health condition that co-exists with  alcohol or drug issues.

Experienced and Supportive


We understand that not one support  plan fits all. Daily services can include anything from help with  meal preparation, personal hygiene, cleaning, and supervision. We will take the time to get to know you and develop an individual Support plan that fits your specific needs. 

Experienced Support Workers


Companionship is key to a trusted relationship with our Support Workers. We not only strive to help you with everyday tasks but want to develop a caring relationship with you. We provide one-on-one attention and care that cannot compare in other settings. 



One to One Support


Horizons North East (Community Interest Company)  believes that everyone has the potential to develop the motivation and competence to lead a fulfilling life if they are provided with the appropriate support and opportunities. Therefore, our aim is to create the right support environment and to assist each individual in gaining a realistic perspective on how to integrate into the community.

We also believe that each  person is a deserving person with their own, unique needs. We respect their dignity and give them the opportunity to be themselves in a setting where they can feel safe and encouraged to lead full and active lives.

Ultimately, the ability to establish and maintain relationships is the key to social inclusion. In line with this, we not only embrace material needs but all aspects of a person's life, taking into account social, educational and vocational skills, as well as recreational and leisure activities.

Accommodation is provided in well-specified, self-contained units and Occupants  are guided by our support team as they take the step towards independent living.

Each person's needs are determined in consultation with our Support Workers. We assess each individual and make recommendations accordingly; therefore, the support programme is entirely flexible. We provide a range of packages to meet the unique needs and objectives of the individual.

 Occupants  are able to live and learn life skills within the local community with the help of direct contact from our support team,

Education and employment advice is also made available.


Well being


It is our belief that wellbeing is a multifaceted term that describes the healthy, contented and prosperous condition we all aspire to. It can be used to describe a person, a community or a workplace and is applicable to both our physical and mental health. As well as representing the most effective way of ensuring positive outcomes in our lives, it could be argued that wellbeing is one of the goals of human endeavour.

Ultimately, wellbeing is important for ourselves, our family and friends   and is a vital component that allows us all to flourish in all aspects of life. Horizons North East  have a unique concept of Engaged Prevention that brings together the ingredients needed for a successful wellbeing journey.


Daily Living Support

 One-to-one support is provided by an experienced Support Worker, who encourages their clients to make their own decisions and gain daily living skills, such as cooking, cleaning, budgeting and shopping. We work with the project member to address all aspects of life on the road to independent living. 


Great Team

 I was homeless and had no where to go and these guys gave me a chance. They supported me in every way from form filling to helping me join local community groups to help with my addictions. Without these guys I don't know where I would be. 

Helped me so much

 I moved into the  Accommodation  and its been the best decision ive made. Before moving I had a wayward lifestyle and it was difficult at first. All the staff   are always there should you need to talk or if you need help with Benefits etc, nothing is to much trouble for them. I have been living here for 18 Months now and I have made it into my home, ive never felt as safe as I do now. I get on great with other Occupants and I do like to help out when I can with them. Over the 18 Months I have developed a very close friendship with all the staff so they  are very close to me. Ive also worked very hard to change my lifestyle and moving here has enabled me to achieve where I am today. Im so happy to be living here  , they are a great bunch and with them you can go a long way. 


All the Staff  helped me out when I came out of hospital and had no where to go.   . They have supported me since day one and I feel confident taking to them.

Great Guys


These guys have helped me so much with my Mental Health and assisted me in dealing with my addictions. They are the best 

Thank you so much


I have received amazing support which helped me get back on my feet and enabled me to look for my own flat , Horizons helped me not only financially but mentally into my new accommodation. Without the help of the Staff I would not of learned basic living skills, healthy boundaries or support with personal struggles

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